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List of members BEYOND MARYLAND

We are very grateful to our Lifetime Members: 

Timothy F. "Tim" Abell '95
Jean C. Accius, Ph.D. '14
Hon. Suzanne P. Albert '96
Rawle Andrews, Jr., Esq. '11
Shirley D. Bailey '18
Jarrod E. Borkat MBA '18
James T. "Jim" Brady '93
Kenneth L. "Ken" Brannan '05
Robert C. "Bob" Brennan '04
Eric D. Brotman, CFP, AEP, CPWA '09
William P. "Bill" Burke, Jr. '18
Kimberly A. "Kim" Clark '09
Dr. Memo F. Diriker '12
John T. Dumas '17
Allison M. Dunn Wilson, LEED AP '18
Ralph W. "Buddy" Emerson, Jr. '03
David Fike '16
Joan A. Floura '14
Eric W. Franklin '09
J. Robert "Bob" Frazee '09
Shelly L. Gardeniers '14
John Genakos '17
Dr. Catherine R. Gira '93
William B. "Bill" Grant, Esq., C.F.P. '02
Anne M. Grealy '18
Bonnie Marie Green '07
Ajay K. Gupta '15
Treava S. Hopkins-Laboy '18
Michael J."Mike" Howard '11
Dr. Freeman Hrabowski III '93
Jason W. Israel '14
Monica J. Johnson, Esq. '04
Nathaniel D. "Nate" Logan II '18
Sean M. Looney '96
John H. Macklin '07
Meredith M. "Merry" Mears '17
Howard B. Miller, Esq. '93
Nancy J. Minahan '15
Nancy Minieri
B. Doyle Mitchell, Jr. '96
Gregory B. "Greg" Murray '08
Jeffrey "Jeff" Penza, AIA, LEED AP '18
Laura Thul Penza, AIA '16
Eliot Pfanstiehl
Carla A. Reid '03 (LM)
Vernon A. Reid, Jr. '93
Kimberly J. "Kim" Rosenfield '14
Ardys D. Russakis '18
Gregory A. "Greg" Schuckman '14
Joan Webb Scornaienchi '15
Charles E. "Charlie" Scott '14
Dana Seiler '19
Jeanne Forrester Singer, Esq. '07
Jeffrey Z. Slavin '05
Tammi L. Thomas MBA '18
Kathyrn C. Turner '97
Ron L. Watson, Ph.D. '08
Stacey L. Weisner '16
Stephen B. "Steve" Welsh '13
Scott Wiater '13

We thank them for choosing to be a Lifetime Member. If you are interested in joining this group, please call Leadership Maryland at 410-841-2101. Lifetime Membership is a one-time payment of $2,500 or 5 annual payments of $550. We would be happy to invoice you for either option. Thank you for considering!


Each year, 52 accomplished leaders from around the State of Maryland are selected by a group of their peers to participate in Leadership Maryland. These leaders are selected based on their leadership abilities, career accomplishments, volunteer activities and their personal concern and commitment to help shape the future of Maryland.

They come from different cultures and diverse backgrounds, with disparate interests and distinctive issues to confront. After graduating from the program, members stay actively engaged through planned social and educational alumni events throughout the state.