Executive/Finance Committee (Board Officers) - Eric D. Brotman, CFP '09, Chair

The Executive/Finance Committee is charged with reviewing and approving the annual budget, which is prepared by the President, prior to presenting to the Board of Directors for its approval; overseeing and making recommendations for investment of Scholarship and Legacy Funds; and reviewing and making recommendations on other financial issues as they arise.

Membership Committee – Pamela J. Ruff '98, Chair

The Membership Committee is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing membership events and activities, such as: projects or workgroups addressing statewide issues (Conversation Series, etc.); events of a social and/or networking nature, either by class, region, or open to the entire membership (annual reunion, individual class reunions, regional activities, etc.); and, assist with annual dues solicitation by contacting classmates.

Nominating Committee (Board Members Only) – Dr. Memo F. Diriker '12, Chair

The Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying, evaluating, recruiting, and nominating Leadership Maryland members to the Board of Directors, as well as Officers of the organization. Consideration is given to geographic, professional, gender and ethnic diversity.

Program Committee – Robert C. Brennan '04, Chair

The Program Committee is responsible for planning, implementing, evaluating, and improving the curriculum for the 8-month program, to include an orientation retreat; five/six major statewide and regional issues-awareness sessions; a closing retreat to review and synthesize what was experienced throughout the program year; and utilizing program graduates as presenters, discussion facilitators, mentors and moderators.

Recruitment Committee – P. Scott White ‘05, Chair

The Recruitment Committee is responsible for identifying and recruiting a diverse pool of qualified statewide applicants, taking into account geographic, professional, gender and ethnic diversity.

Selection Committee – Wendell 'Pete' France '12

The responsibility of the Selection Committee is to interview and evaluate program applicants, after which a class of up to 52 diverse individuals representing all geographic regions of the state is selected. The Selection Committee reviews all financial assistance applications and forwards its recommendations to the officers of the Board for final approval.

Legacy Fund Committee – Renee M. Winsky '05, President & CEO, Chair

The responsibilities of this committee are to support and assist with our fundraising campaign, Leadership Maryland Legacy Fund. Upon Executive/Finance Committee approval, interest on these invested funds will be used to offset operational expenses. The Legacy Fund will ensure the financial success of our programs and allow us to keep tuition at an affordable level for all participants.

Scholarship Endowment & Nancy Minieri Scholarship Fund Committee – Howard S. Freedlander ‘05, Chair

The purpose of the Scholarship Endowment is to promote, solicit, and steward donor-restricted gifts of $5,000 or more (payable over multi-years) to initiate and develop an endowment for Leadership Maryland scholarships. Recognition of gifts at varying levels is important, but the most significant naming opportunities will be reserved for the higher donor levels that generate about 50% of Leadership Maryland individual tuition. The major gift component of Leadership Maryland should have tremendous potential and help perpetuate the goodness and legacy of Leadership Maryland.

The Nancy Minieri Scholarship Fund was created in 2013 to honor retiring President & CEO Nancy Minieri.  The Fund will help further our mission to make the program affordable to everyone, and in doing so, create the diversity we seek in the members of each class.