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The strength within.
Building a better Maryland takes a special kind of strength—the kind of strength you’ll find every day in leaders throughout our local businesses and communities. At Leadership Maryland, we harness that strength by bringing together local leaders from all sectors, industries, and geographic regions of our state—people with a passion for making Maryland the best place to work and live. Together, we engage on the vital issues affecting our state and work to build solutions for real, actionable change.  

The strength within our alumni family.
As men and women of Leadership Maryland, we are stronger together. Inside our alumni family, we are the state's best and brightest leaders, hailing from all sectors of industry and all regions of the state. Whenever one of us needs a hand, we know we can call on one another, as a colleague, a connection, and a friend.

The strength within yourself.
Leadership Maryland makes good leaders stronger. We challenge our members to step outside of their comfort zone in order to tap into the deepest strengths and passions that will make them a force for meaningful change in their organizations, communities, and state.



Over 60 Leadership Maryland Members

Sighted Around the MACo Conference!


Nineteen classes in all!


We were able to capture a photo of over 30 of us at the Maryland Association of Counties
Annual Summer Conference. Noted below are the 60+ members sighted at or about the
conference held in Ocean City. The class with the most was the Class of '18, followed by
the Class of '17, '16 and a tie with the Classes of '14, '05 and '04. Let me know if I missed
you on the list. Good to see you all!!

group edited

Mary Angela Baker '18
Karenthia A. Barber '08
Mary C. Baykan '06
Andrea D. Berstler '18
Tina Mae Bjarekull '03
Russell W. "Russ" Blake '02
Kenneth L. "Ken" Brannan '05 (LM)
Robert C. "Bob" Brennan '04 (LM)
Dr. Rebecca Bolton Bridgett '16
Brandon S. Butler, Esq. '17
Deborah A. "Debbie" Carpenter, AICP '17
John P. Cavanaugh '06
Hon. David R. Craig '03
Brian P. Darmody '06
Charlotte L. Davis '14
Hon. Jacob R. "Jake" Day '15
Diane J. Devaney '16
Allison M. Dunn Wilson, LEED AP '18
Hon. Adelaide "Addie" Eckardt '01
Hon. James D. "Jim" Fielder, Jr., Ph.D. '98
Dorian P. Flynn '04
O. Palmer Gillis III '00
Lori A. Graf '18
Anne M. Grealy '18
Scott A. Hancock '03
Daraius S. Irani, Ph.D. '16
Sean M. Looney '96
Valencia McClure '15
Gracelyn A. McDermott '18
Roy C. McGrath '17
Stephen R. "Steve" McHenry '02
Meredith M. "Merry" Mears '17
Keiffer J. Mitchell, Jr. '07
Todd B. Morgan '04
David A. Nemazie '11
Gail W. Owings '04
Barbara J. "Julie" Paluda '17
Signe J. Pringle '17
Helen V. Propheter '16
Karla A. Raettig, Esq. '16
Rhonda J. Ray '14
Hon. James H. "Jimmy" Rhee '17
Jacqueline "Jacquie" Cohen Roth '18
Pamela J. "Pam" Ruff '98
Ardys D. Russakis '18
James E. "Jim" Rzepkowski '05
Jerry T. Sanford '18
Hon. Kelly M. Schulz '16
Martin R. "Marty" Schwartz '14
Terry L. Shannon '13
Nimisha Sharma '18
Sandra A. "Sandy" Sponaugle '16
Jody J. Sprinkle '17
Joy A. Strand '17
Eileen K. Straughan '05
Tammi L. Thomas, MBA '18
Timothy R. "Tim" Troxell, CEcD '12
Linda S. Vassallo '07
John M. Wasilisin '05
Hon. Steven R. "Steve" Weems '16
Elizabeth Weglein '18
Hon. Victoria L. "Vickie" Wilkins '18
J. Marcus "Mark" Willis '14
Juliane G. "Julie" Woepke '18